2015 Jayco Greyhawk 31FS


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Hi everybody,

I've just finished reading through the entire Class C Motorhomes topic - very informative. My wife and I are currently aligning ourselves to purchase a new Class C MH (upgrading from a travel trailer) and I have some questions that I'm hoping you can help me out with.
1) Does anyone here have a Greyhawk, or any other Class C made by Jayco? If so, are there things about them that you don't like?
2) How well does a MH keep the living area warm or cool on cold or hot days? (We'll have kids sitting back there)
3) How do these handle as compared to a tt? It seems like the maneuverability would be a bit better.
4) Any other advice for a Class C newbie?

Thank you so much in advance!
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Zed, I dont own the Jayco, but I do own a class c. When we travel in the summer time with warm temps we run the generator and travel with the roof ac unit active. I havent see much differents in fuel by running only the engine ac unit vs the roof, but less demanad on the motor when climing. We have also purchased some reflective insulation from homedepot and cut to fit our windows this will help when parked with keeping the sun/heat out.
With handling they drive much like a truck less like a bus. Keep plenty of room when turning, they have a swing that could catch on things..We also tow a vehicle behind us where ever we go, this allows us to park and explore. We down sized from a Class A to a C and find the C much easier to drive, especialy for my wife!