2023 NoBo 20.4 vs E-Pro 19FDS


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The 2023 NoBo 20.4 vs the Flagstaff e-pro 19FDS

Which is the better travel trailer? I'm new to this endeavor and have plans to make a purchase within 6 months. I'm looking to dry camp, RV park camp, boondock and would like to be able to run the AC off of the batteries.. Not over night non-stop as that is unrealistic but just a little in the evening before going to sleep, which I also have a CPAP machine.. The TT I would love to have is the Ember 171FBS, it has zero wood in the structure, however its way out of my price range which has led me to look for the best constructed, best quality travel trailer with the least amount of wood in the structure and has a solar pkg that will allow AC usage which both of these do but having a tough time deciding between the 2.. All perspectives are welcome. Ty in advance.