230v -110v


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I live in Australia and intend coming to the USA, buying a fifth wheeler, travelling thru Europe and importing the fifth wheeler back into Australia.
Is there such a thing as a converter that will drop down Euro and Australian voltage (230-240v) to 110v so that I can continue to use the appliances that will be in the fifth wheeler.

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230v -110v

I don't know if there is one specifically made for the porpose, but a transformer of proper capacity, set up with apropriate connectors would fill the bill. What you need to know is the electrical specifications of the trailer and then talk to someone at an electrical supply house.
If the trailer has a 50 amp power cord, it is already set up for 240v, but in the US we split 240v into 2 120v circuits so you would still need a transformer but permanaently wired inside the trailer.
I have seen transformers of all descriptions, so I know there is one that exists, but you need to know the specifics of the application before buying one.
It sounds like you're planning one heck of a trip! It should be teh adventure of a lifetime.



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230v -110v

Yes, there are converters, although they are usually designed for 1 component usage only. Don't know if there is a 'whole house' converter available. As I understand it, there are 3 factors which need to be accomodated: the plugs, the voltage, and the frequency.

One option is to have some form of converter which you plug into whatever is available in European and Australian campgrounds and puts out 110V 60 cycle power which the trailer then plugs into. If this is feasable, the only problem is you cannot use any European or Australian appliances inside the trailer, which is wired for and powered by 110V 60cycle. There are probably individual unit converters which would convert the US power back in to European/Australian which could get around this problem.

A rather more involved solution is to rewire the trailer to run on European/Australian power (including the appropriate outlets inside). Then hardwire an individual converter inline with each built in appliance. This is non trivial, and would be a challange to accomplish between the US and European legs.

Speaking of which, how do you plan on getting the unit from the US to Europe, and from Europe to Australia? As far as I know, there is only 1 RV which can travel on water, and no trailers :) What will you be using for a tow vehicle for each leg? How will you get the unit serviced?

It might be cheaper in the long run to rent the unit in each area, and buy the one you want in Australia, already set up for that area.


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230v -110v

Problen here is we run our appliances off of 2 legs and a neutral. I think your 23o volts is one leg to ground. this is not a big deal with the 120 volt appliances (except anything electronic-50-60 hertz) but any appliances that run off of 230 volts U.S. will not work. This would be Heat pumps, Clothes Dryers, and electric ovens. Most of these appliances are not available except on some mid-upper end trailers and 5ers.

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