24 foot Safari Trek


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I am looking to buy a used 24 foot Safari Trek (95 or newer)and would like some information on the 6.5 GM diesel. The dealers tell me that the 6.5 is worn out around 100000 miles. Does anyone have this engine in your rv or truck and how does it hold up.I will be pulling a 19foot Grady White boat with it at times. I live in florida so I dont have any mountians to climb and I am not a speed demon. I would prefer the 454 GM gas eng. but I have'nt found one yet.thanks for any info.

C Nash

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24 foot Safari Trek

I have a 1995 3500 dually with the 6.5 turbo with 129000 miles and it still runs great. Do my own regular maintance and add a quart of lucas at every oil change (4000miles) Injector pumps are weak and tend to go out around 50000. I also add the Lucas diesel additive regulary to the tank. The 6.5 is not a great tow vehicle. Does not have the power of the ford ps or dodge diesel but, the fuel milage is better IMO. I agree the 454 is a much better engine for towing. I expect to get at least 200,000. Good luck

Chelse L. Nash