3 days till fulltiming!!!

Hey everyone. My resignation letter has been turn in and April 12, 2009 will be my last day living without wheels under my bed. I am going to be working as a Park Host Here in Kentucky From April 15 to Sept. After That I plan on heading down to Arizona to solar panel the rig to become more self reliant and able to live in RV without no help from outside sources.

Hope to see a few of you on the blacktop one day. As they say in the CB era, "Keep the ruuber side down and the shinny side up"

Captain Ron
RE: 3 days till fulltiming!!!

Is there anyway to edit the original message on this site? I have found a couple spelling errors in my message that I want to correct. I would hate to think that people that full time can't spell. :)
Re: 3 days till fulltiming!!!

Ron, you can edit a message within 30 minutes of posting it. That's all.

If you change your browser to FireFox, then you get an automatic spell checker for just about anywhere you type.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the FireFox browser to everyone.

Here's an article on the use of FireFox as compared to Interenet Exploder: For Internet Explorer Users

Here's how to upgrade / install FireFox: Download FireFox 3
Re: 3 days till fulltiming!!!

I also have a little difficulty spelling...So, once in a while I'll create my message, copy to a word processor then do the spell check and then paste back to this site. A couple extra strokes but right now it works for me. I don't have Fire Fox on this computer (laptop) but I think I do on the Desk Top. Perhaps I should look into it ! Thanks TC.


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Re: 3 days till fulltiming!!!

Tex is right, I have fire fox on all on my computers, 2 laps and one desk top. I was afraid that the internet was going to protect my personal information, that why I changed to fire fox, BTW with fire fox all misspelled word will be underlined in RED

C Nash

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Re: 3 days till fulltiming!!!

Have fun Captain Ron. Hollis, good thing I don't have it :laugh: They would run out on red ink :eek: :laugh: :laugh: