30 ft sierra battery wont work


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i bout a sierra fifthwheel and when i hook up to power everything works fine. it has a charger built in and you can hear it running. but when i unpug the power and try to use the battery nothing comes on. except there is a radio in the camper and it works. there is only one battery in the front. and it is a car battery. New to the fifthwheel and lost. thanks troy
Re: 30 ft sierra battery wont work

Make sure your battery disconect is on if you have one. Make sure the battery is good. One thing I had happen a few years ago. The battery charger converter, it has to switch back to 12v. There is a switch in there and the older ones stick. If you tap the converter and it starts working that is it. You can replace that old style switch with a new one that is solid state and it won't happen again.
Good luck