300 Cummins Diesel (Hoilday Ram 1997)

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I have 1997 Holiday Ram Diesel Pusher with a 300 Cummins and love it, but after 4 years and alot of trips I have something wrong with the motor and need some input!!!!!
I'm getting ready to make my trip home after being in Texas City Texas for 6 month and the 300 Cummin's want stay running! The motor will crank every time you try to start it but when let go of the key it DIE'S. I tried a replacement key switch and thats not whats wrong and I've be looking for someone to come look at it and haven't had any luck!!



RE: 300 Cummins Diesel (Hoilday Ram 1997)

The wy u described it ,, u may have a bad fuel cut off selenoid ,, but let me ask this ,,,, how long has it been since u had the fuel and ari filters changed???
Also how was it running before this prob????
Also where was the last place u got diesel for it ????
Sorry for the multi ques. but just trying to get more info on u'r prob...
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Re: 300 Cummins Diesel (Hoilday Ram 1997)

All filter and fluids were changed about 2500 miles ago!
Drove it about 250 miles filled it up and drove it here about 125 miles filled it up at SHELL!
Ran fine, parked it here been here for 6months, I was cranking it every month but last month the bat's were dead (they were about 4years old). So i bought 2 new ones. I also checked the water seperater and it does not have any water just diesel. If u turn the key to crank it ,it starts and when u let it got back to the run spot on the switch it DIES!!!! If u hold the key it will stay running!!!


Re: 300 Cummins Diesel (Hoilday Ram 1997)

wel then it sounds to me like u have either a stuck fuel seleniod or a bad one,, theonly way to test it ,, is to do a crank test on it ,, that way u can see if u have power after the switch is released,, it's kinda hard to explain it without being at u'r coach,, but i would call a Cummins tech ,, i mean a real ,, works for Cummins tech ,, he should know the prob right off ,, hope this helps
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Re: 300 Cummins Diesel (Hoilday Ram 1997)

I took the fuel cut off selenoid off the injecter pump and it runs fine but my alt was not charging until about 1500 rpms! There is two selenoids piggybacked coming off the batts, one of those started clicking and the alt started working but stopped again!!!!! I also checked the power going to the cut off selenoid and there is no 12v power so I will have to look on. As for trying to get someone to come and look at it I'm SOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I tried to talk to 2 techs and was told bring it in !!!!!!!!!!!!!!