5.9Engine block #53 failure

My 1998 Discovery had to have the engine block replaced as it had the dreaded #53 block which is a known as being defective. The coach only has 36000 miles on it but the Cummins won't do a thing as it is out of warranty. This gives me an extremely bitter taste for Cummins as they know that they built defective blocks in that time era. I replaced it with a Cummins RECon and with labor it came to over $18000. My advice for other is before you buy a coach with a 5.9 Cummins have some check it to see it has the dreaded #53 block. Does anyone on this message board have any advice for seeking some kind of settlement with Cummins? :blackeye:
Re: 5.9Engine block #53 failure

What is the #53 block and where can you find this number to be sure you don't have one? Also, I have dealt with Cummins on related issues for truck engines that was a known problem and got no satisfaction. I swore I would never own another Cummins again and have Cats in all my trucks now. Yes I have a Cummins in my motorhome. So far so good.
Re: 5.9Engine block #53 failure

you can go to cumminsDatabase.com and there is a thread there with descriptions and pictures. This is a wide spread problem and Cummins knows about it as they now have the Storm block to replace it. I wouldn't predict but they could be setting themselves up for a class action law suit. If a company is negligent a warranty does not remove liabilty. The word out there is a lot of Dodge diesel trucks owners are upset as their trucks are blacklisted because their truck contains this #53 block. Remember the GM gas tank problems that lead to a class action lawsuit. :blackeye: