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Hey, Does anybody out there recommend a good insurance company for 5er's. Hope this is not agaist RV Forum rules to be asking this type of question but I have not noticed this type of question before. If you recommend an insurance please let me konw why you recommend it and the average cost if htat is not getting to personal.

If I am out of line here on this question, please let me know at once and I will somehow find out how to retract this message (if possible to do so).

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I have state auto thru an independent agency. He told me the libality was covered with truck insurance. I have theft and colission on the 5th wheel which runs me $61.00 every 6 months.
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It is true that Liability is transferred off the tow vehicle, but if you have a loan against the trailer, you have to have full coverage. Without full coverage (comprehensive), if an accident is your fault, you won't be covered and your loss is out of your pocket. Liability only covers the other guy if you are at fault.

We give customers an option. We have an offer thru RV America Insurance. It is a quick application that is faxed in and a quote is given in 12 minutes or less. They take it and give it to an insurance company that will, based on your driving record, cover you. Their coverage includes 24 hr. roadside assistance, contents, wrecker, tire repair, and a whole lot more that I can't remember. IT also includes a 5 year replacement of your RV. If you buy a 2007 and you wreck it, gets stolen, burns to the ground, they will give you a new one till year model 2012, and absorb price increases!

I have the coverage on my trailer. I can't help you with cost because it is based on the value of your trailer and your driving record. I can tell you that I compared it to another known company and it was $60.00 more a year than theirs. I felt it was worth it because of the roadside assistance and the 5 year replacement and got it. We don't push it (I only get $10.00), but show it to our customers, and a lot of our customers get it too.

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Try Progressive Direct on the Internet. They beat Good Sam VIP on my rig by quite a bit. They are very responsive to quotes and you can call them and get immediate feedback.


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Watch out for Progressive. They may or may not be a good insurance company, but they seem to think the best use for all the money they rake in is to force social change on everyone else. Their leader (now allegedly ex) and major stockholder has made massive donations to the ACLU and the like...

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I agree Hertig, but when you save $40/50 per month you tend to look the other way. I'm a POOR conservative. I just hope the guy that charges the $40/50 per month more donates to the conservative causes. I like the term allegedly ex leader. :dead: Hope they change their ways with a new leader. :evil:
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John and DL
You'll are correct on the donations to the organization you mentioned and I for one will not purchase through them because of the organizations that they sponscer.

I have Foremost Insurance at the moment but do pay quit a bundle for this puchase. Was just looking for other insurance names and cost.

Grandview, thanks a mint for all your comments. Yes I have excellent driving record and I have a 31 foot 5er by KZ Durango. Should I go to your web site to fill in an application or did I take something incorrectly here. Please let me know and it never hurts to get quotes.

Thanks again to all you fine people and great forum, I have learned a lot reading many post from two to three years ago that were post back that far.

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Sorry, can't do it through my website. We have a short form you fill out and we fax it in. I will look to see if I can hook you up. Since you did not buy from us I am not sure.
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Called them this morning, no problem. Give me your fax number and I will send you the form to fill out. You can either send it back to me or send it to them. Their number is on the form.

Send me your number by clicking on my name and send me a private message.


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Look into National Interstate who specializes in insurace for RVers, they are also found under Explorer Insurance. I got a quote from them and ten others and they beat the prices coming and going. I alos talke to many people on three different rv forums who are happy with them.
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Hi there. My husband and I purchased top shelf insurance policy from National Interstate and took very good care of our travel trailer. In fact we didn't wear our shoes in it and didn't allow others to either. We never smoked in the unit and were very careful in our usage inside and outside. The unit was an 03 and got caught up in the flash flood in Ohio this past July . Our insurnace agent would not pay off the unit (we had full replacement coverage), made us jump through all sorts of hoops and was not helpful. We didn't have a very good experience with them and have since moved on to Progressive. :(
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I'll second Explorer Insurance. We just purchased our new 5'er; Explorer beat everyone else by $52 - $421 per year. Premium is based on purchase price or value of trailer.

5 year trailer replacement at any cost (new RVs),
6th year on - Reinburse for original purchase price.
$100,000 Liability
$5000 Contents
Vacation interruptment allowance $750 (I think)
Roadside assistance
Don't have the policy in front of me, can't remember what else.
All for less than $500/year.

Maybe it was the local agent I contacted with Progressive, but they were trying to quote the trailer like it was a motor vehicle... 100/300/100, etc.
Hope this helps someone.

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I don't pay for any liability on my 5th Wheel with Progressive Direct. The truck (tow vehicle ) liability covers the trailer. Just have collision/comprehensive/contents on the 5er.