5th vs. TT

I'm sure this is probably an ongoing debate.

It appears that in order to get the kind and size trailer that I want, I'm going to have to trade my Explorer. I really want to buy a rig that I'll be comfy in and with, as I'd like to keep it a few years. I don't want to buy something and then say darn, I wished I had bought something a little bigger.

I have to narrow the field down so I can start looking. My next decision is whether to buy a 5th or a TT. Since I am female and not very (okay not at all) mechnically inclined I want something that is relatively easy to tow and setup. I will mostly be travelling with just my dog. He is no help at all!

What I'm really looking for is opinions on the ease of towing, setup and probably maintenance of a 5th vs. TT. I'm not sure I really want a pick up truck. I might rather have an Expedition.


DL Rupper

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Re: 5th vs. TT

The 5th Wheel trailer is eaiser to tow, eaiser to set up, eaiser to hitch up, has more storage and in my humble opinon is more liveable than a TT.

Selecting a tow vehicle shouldn't be too hard. If you select a 5th Wheel trailer you will need a pickup truck. If you select a TT you can use a pickup or a SUV type vehicle with a big V-8.

If you to settle for a smaller 5th Wheel (26 foot or smaller) or a smaller TT (less than 28 foot), the new Toyota Tundra V-8 1/2 ton pickup should be able to do the job. If you want to tow anything bigger you will need a diesel. :laugh:
Re: 5th vs. TT

Hey Sunny
Diesel smoke has gone to 'ol DL's head. :laugh: There are a lot of fifth wheels that a gas engine can tow. You need to figure out how much trailer you want and how much you are going to tow the trailer and justify the cost of the Diesel engine in your mind.

I will agree with every thing else he has told you. If you are going to move around, the fifth wheel will tow and handle easier.


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Re: 5th vs. TT

The fifth wheel is easier to hook up and tows better, but does require a pickup to tow it. If you screw up, you can damage your truck as well as the trailer, but with care, you can benefit from all the advantages DL spoke of. Or there are devices which can reduce your risk. If you really would prefer a Travel Trailer and SUV (despite all the negatives of the TT), you may be able to overcome some of the troubles with special hitches which make them tow better and hook up easier. PullRite and Hensley come to mind, but they ain't cheap.

A good gas engine will tow fine on the flats, and will get you up hills, just not quickly. The diesel is better suited for pulling loads up hills. However, the guvment has just mandated that all new diesel engines must be a new design, and all fuel be a new formula. So buying a new diesel engine for a couple of years until they get the bugs out may be stressful, and buying an old type diesel may be annoying and expensive due to unexpected problems with the new fuel (several people with my engine report the gaskets in their fuel pump shriveled up with the new ULSD fuel).

The most annoying part of setting up any trailer is leveling it side to side. Generally you carry wood or plastic blocks, build a 'hill' on the low side, and drive the trailer up on the 'hill'. Levelling front to back is easy with a fiver, particularly if you have electric landing legs in the front. I have no idea how to level a TT front to back, but I suspect you use the tongue jack, which can be electric as far as I know.

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Re: 5th vs. TT

Hey all, I said a V-8 would tow lots of 5th Wheels, as long as they aren't over 26 feet long. Over 26 feet the weight really, really begins to slow the old V-8 down. Need that TORQUE. Maybe the newer V-8's will have enough grunt to haul the bigger 5er's, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
RE: 5th vs. TT

I'd go with the TT. You can get some pretty large TT's with slides & all, that are quite light, the way they're being built now with aluminum frames. You can have your comfy SUV, and not a P.U. which is solely dedicated to towing a 5th wheel. And----- if you need any help, just holler....lol. Greydaddy. ;)
Re: 5th vs. TT

I have owned campers, TT's and am on my fourth 5er. I prefer the 5er. Have pulled with gas and Diesel. I prefer the Diesel. My only advice is pick an tow unit that is big enough to tow and handle what ever you are pulling. You want to be towing not be towed. Happy Camping.
RE: 5th vs. TT


What did you ever decide? I'm in your same situation and wondered if you made your choices and how you are feeling about it a year later. I have the tow vehicle - 2006 Ford F250 Turbo Diesel SuperCrew Short Bed. I'm just struggling with the TT vs. 5th choice. Currently have a small TT and looking to upgrade, but won't go beyond a 30ft.

Trying to keep in mind the heavy lifting aspects of the hitching options (5th slider hitch vs. Equalizer on TT) and want to ensure I can live with my next decision for at least the next 10 years. I understand the sliders aren't light and realize it will be out of the truck more than in until I can go fulltime.
Re: 5th vs. TT

From your friendly service manager pretty much what every one has told you is right. I have been in rv business for 24 years I have owned a bunch of both and lived in colorado to houston and prefer a 5th wheel they are easy to hook up and unhook but a tt does require extra towing equipment to pull safely and the best is the equalizer brand hitch they are a true 4point hitch. Iv put all brands on over the years and none hold a stick to the equalizer brand. Cost around 600.00 you don't want to fish tell and hurt you or your dog. Safety first so hitch cost about the same curt brand 5th wheel hitch 20k 400.00 then it matters if you go with a 5th wheel long bed or short bed truck . Short bed requires a slider hitch extra 300.00 so more storage and easy load and unload or tt. Your friendly service manager