5th wheel adapter

I've got a 2003 King of the Road Royalite 35BW. I bought a Chevy "Kodiak" to pull it with. The truck now has a ball hitch. I'm thinking to buy the "PopUp RV3" hitch adapter (rated 25000lbs. / 6000lbs.)for the trailer that will allow me then to hook up to the truck with the 2 5/16 ball. Any good, bad or ugly comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: 5th wheel adapter

Well, I do not like them. Not saying they will cause harm, but they void the warranty of a new trailers frame. Since yours is not new, that is not an issue. They change the stress points on the frame by lowering the pull point. The 5th frame is designed to be towed where the king pin is, not 12 or 15 inches below that.

It is also easier to hook up a 5th wheel. You dont have to be dead center when backing in, as the 5th will line itself up, to an extent. Over a ball, you have to be just right on. The jacks on the camper work slowly, so you have to raise the trailer up and down 4" or so on and off the ball....

If it were ME, I would find a way to have a 5th wheel hitch put on the truck. Won't cost that much more..since the adapter is not cheap either...