5th wheel cable jack in the bed


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Hey everyone!
I'll be picking up my new Mckenzie Starwood 5th wheel in two weeks and was wondering if I should go through the trouble of installing a cable jack in my truck bed, or just get an extension cable and plug into existing jack under bumper.

2002 F350 powerstroke

John Harrelson

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5th wheel cable jack in the bed

OH Shucks !!!! and here I thought you were talking about jacking up the bed.. jeeeeze,, :bleh: :bleh:

There are some folks that simply use the receptacle on the bumper for connecting the 5th wheel to the truck, .... BUT .... be very careful about the cable hanging down..

There have been several discussions on this subject and each one has talked about the cable working loose from the truck and dragging on the road.

And there have been a couple of people talking about the cable getting caught on the trailer hitch and destroying the cable when making a sharp turn..

In my opinion, doing like your are talking about would be OK to "get it home" ... but then I would definitely install the receptacle in the truck bed just behind the rear fender..

better safe than sorry, huh ?

best of luck,