5th wheel - clearance above truck bed??

Hello All,
I just bought a new truck (an F350 CC 4X4) and it is considerably taller than my previous two wheel drive truck. I installed my 5th wheel hitch in the truck this weekend and hooked it up to the camper. On level ground, I have right at 5-3/8" of clearance between the top of the truck bed rails at the rear and the underside of my 5th wheel camper.
Does anyone know what the "ideal" clearance should be? I can raise my 5th wheel drop hitch about 3" to get more clearance if necessary but the truck and camper may not be level then.

Thanks for any help and/or info.

Gary B

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5th wheel - clearance above truck bed??

Hi dragula, 5" is generally condisered right, 4" would be the very mim. and 6" about the max. you'll want to keep the trailer as level a possible, otherwise if its high in the front it shifts the weight to the rear trailer tires(they will be carring most of the weight, sounds like your right.

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5th wheel - clearance above truck bed??

Thanks Gary. I kind of felt like that would be enough clearance but wasn't sure. It seems like you would have to get into a pretty ackward situation to hit the bed with 5" of clearance to spare.