5th wheel recommends

Hi everyone. We are brand-new to RVing, so new in fact, that we don't even own one yet. Interested in 5th-wheeling. Have the truck for it, but no idea what makes a good 5th. Any experiences/recommendations out there on what to stay away from, what to focus on, as far as manufacturers are concerned? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.
5th wheel recommends

If you continue to read the discussions on these RV forums (there are over a dozen) you will find every brand and type of RV being praised by one person and cursed by another.

No matter how "good" a certain brand of RV is, there will always be a lemon in the production line somewhere..

In my opinion it's not the name of the RV that counts,,, it's the name of the dealer...

If the dealer has a good name and reputation for taking care of it's customers then you have found the right RV to buy.

I have owned several "brands" of RVs and had good luck with all of them.
Fleetwood, Pace Arrow, Prairie Schooner, Ideal, etc:::

I have read about some folks bad mouthing Fleetwood products, but for every one of those complaining, there is an equal number of people bragging about their Fleetwood.. I'm one of them....

If you buy a bag of apples and find one apple rotten, are you going to throw the entire bag of apples away and bad mouth the person who owns the orchard ?

Fleetwood is as good as any brand on the market, no better, no worse,, but just as good.

I presently live full-time in my 1995 30.5 foot Prowler 5th wheel and am happy as a clam... Bought it second hand two summers ago and have had absolutely no problems with it at all..

So,, I'd suggest looking for a reliable dealer and don't worry about the brand name so much... happy RVing,

5th wheel recommends

Thanks for the good words, John. We've been to a few of RV shows, and although a new RV is not really in our future (rather 'previously enjoyed'), we did note that a couple seemed to withstand a casual inspection fairly well - nu-wa and Forest River. Any idea/experience on those?

Tell me, can the same be said about RVs as is true for recreational fibreglass boats?: From small to mid size, most of the products out there are "assembly line" quality. Only when you get to the big stuff (above 26ft in boats) does some quality come to the forefront.

5th wheel recommends

I have no personal experience with the "NU-WA" and "Forest River" brands Jim.

As to the boat scenario, I have heard that said,,, but, I take it with a "grain of salt"..

But there again... you will get many different opinions about any brand of anything... RVs, Boats, Trucks, etc:

I remember "many" years ago when I bought my first car, a AMC 440H model.. I was teased by my friends about owning a "Rambler", but after it showed up the "Spider" super charged car that came out that same year,, I gained a new respect from those friends.. :) :) my little Rambler left that fancy race car in the dust at every traffic light in Norfolk, Virginia... <grin> and I still grin every time I think about the beer those guys had to buy me :) :) :) :)