5th wheel tire overload.

My neighbor had 2 wheels ( 5 spoke, white painted ) come apart on him
on a trip. As a result the tires came apart and damaged the underside.
The welds on the wheels seemed defective according to the tire dealer
that took care of him off the road.

After looking at new tires and wheels, he found out that the orignal tires were
undersized. His 5th wheel (when loaded with water/fuel and some provisions)
weighed 2000 pounds more than the tires could carry. He bought this 5th wheel
new in 2006, upper end model, 36ft.

Just a thought if any one has the white painted spoke wheels and perhaps
should check their weight vs. the tire capacity. I will be getting my MH
weighed in early spring.

Fred from Pasco, WA.
Re: 5th wheel tire overload.

White painted wheels are quite common, they do however, need to match the load. You did not say what kind of trailer your neighbor has....courious.

Triple E

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Re: 5th wheel tire overload.

Ken knows a heck allot more about this stuff then I do but the only white painted spoked wheels that I know of are on boat trailers.


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Re: 5th wheel tire overload.

Right Steve, I have only seem them on boats and utility trailers and car dollies. BTW I don't trust them, but have them on my utility trailer. :disapprove:
Re: 5th wheel tire overload.

No, white wheels are used in a lot of trailers. Not so much in RV's, but Equipment, Horse or Cattle trailers. White wheels can be mounted on axles rated up to 7,000 lbs.

Right now, they are standard on a lot of SunnyBrooks and Gulf Streams trailers. You don't see them much on large campers or 5th wheels because people want fancy Aluminum wheels that really look better.

White wheels are simply regular wheels painted white.


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Re: 5th wheel tire overload.

yes Ken is right (again) but I was just naming what I have seen them on, and I learn something news. Who ever said old dog can't learned something new was wrong. :laugh: I guess I just like the Aluminum style on the TT and 5 wheelers., they just make the TT /5er look better to me.