5th wheel towing at max trailer weight

I have a 2500hd,6.0 gas with a 4:10 rearend. charts say 10,400 5th wheel max
Looking at 35 ft keystone with uvw of 8580 leaving 1800 lbs for water/gas and stuff
This will max out my truck, feel ok here in Fl, but if I go to Pa. ?
Cannot afford new truck and camper, this cougar is the only 5th wheel floorplan I have liked., but I do not want to make a mistake and buy with weight being so close to my max and not have the power to pull up hill Should I wait and find something lighter ?

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RE: 5th wheel towing at max trailer weight

Looks like everyone is busy today and haven't had time to reply to your question. I am afraid I won't be much help but I can sharesome thoughts...

I have never heard anyone complain about having "too much truck". On the flipside, I often hear woes of not having enough truck! That being said, in your situation I would consider looking at a lighter weight, albeit, smaller unit. A 35ft 5th wheel is BIG! Awesome but big!

We have a Keystone Springdale which has similar floorplans as the Couger but it is a lower priced (entry) level RV. I must say it has been an excellent purchase and we are very happy with the Springdale. It is a 27 ft with a GVWR of 10,021 and an empty weight of 6380. It has plenty of room for my wife and self. We don't travel with others (except Chulo the Wonder Dog). Max trailer weight forour Chevy is 13,400 with a GCWR of 22,000. It tows great. I am not sure it would tow a 35 ft Couger with the same ease. In fact, the 320 Couger fully loaded would be pushing 13,000 lb. I would opt for less trailer and easier towing. Another thing you should consider is pin weight. I believe this can be exceeded without reaching GCWR.

Perhaps with more information others can give you more insight! How many of you travel together? What type of camping? (35 ft is long and not as easily fit into many campgrounds IMHO)

Anyway...best of luck and Happy Camping!
Re: 5th wheel towing at max trailer weight

I sell that floorplan in the Brookside 276FWSCS. Better made. Check it out.

You can easily tow that trailer with the truck you have. I have customers towing much more with the same truck as yours. :)


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Re: 5th wheel towing at max trailer weight

Keep in mind that the 10,400 rating is with nothing in the truck. No passangers, no accessories, no cargo, nothing but a 150 pound driver and a bit of gas. Anything above that in the truck will take away from the 1800 pounds.

Re: 5th wheel towing at max trailer weight

I bought my truck before we even thought about rving. We then got the bug and bought an "ultralight" 5th wheel. We are close to our max weight for the truck. We made a few mods to the truck just to make it more drivable. We now live in the southern rockies and wished we had a bigger truck to tow with just to make it a little more pleasant to drive. When we need a new truck we sill get one large enough to pull whatever we buy down the road. That said, we will look at something a little shorter thatn what we have now with larger tanks for extended boondocking.