5th wheel with garage

I have been reading and learning allot on this site.
Does anyone out there in RV land own or know anything about the 5th wheels with the garage in rear? My wife and I are both in the Military and will be retiring within the next three years and we are starting to plan now to "See this great nation of ours" and a new life as full timers. We would like to Take along our motorcycle and are wondering if the garage addition would be a good choice or if we would loose much needed living space by doing so. So far it seems to be the only option to make this happen. If anyone has had experiance with a model with this option, I would like to hear what you think.

5th wheel with garage

Hi Brian,
I assume you are talking about Fleetwood's Toy Hauler. They are an excellent choice for RV'ing and "taking your toys with you". Another choice would be Four Wind's Fun Mover, unless you just like the idea of the 5th wheel instead of a motorhome. I don't know about the Toy Hauler specifically, but the Fun Mover is available from 27 to 35 feet with a variety of floorplans and some plans even have slide outs and diesel engines!