6.0 L Diesel problems..I need 6.0 L owners help!!!


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I haul cars for a living and are very close to being put out of business by my 05 F350 6.0 L dually. I run from Charlotte to Cleveland and have been broken down a total of 9 times in about every major city up and down I77. I've had the truck for 8 months, it will run for 3 weeks and have a major breakdown that leaves me stranded in the middle of BFE haning to pay for tow bills for 3 cars and a gooseneck car hauler ...every time. My tow bills are $1000 a pop and Ford pays for the truck and $100 of the trailer tow. I've had to leave cars stranded all over sometimes for a week one time for a month while techs tried to figure out the problems, you can only imagine how many customers I've lost. I've had everything from turbos to injectors to valves, to pipes to harnesses to hoses. Theres too much to list here! I have gone through there BBB program to try the buyback , but I'm at a 13K GVWR on the truck which immediatly voids Fords responsibility...Lemon Law won't work either. I've made regional contacts which took months only for rep to let me know I was over the 3Y, 36K warranty and that she couldn't do a buyback. Ford purposely drug their feet until I was out of my Factory Warranty so they wouldn't be responsible...they are doing this to everyone with a 6L on purpose. I saw a manual at the dealership that said "How to deal with 6L customers"...unbelievable!!!! Luckily I've got an extended, but I'm at 50k.

This all brings me to my point. I am trying to gather a few more people...the more the better. I have contacted someone who is extremely successful in this area (hope you know what I mean) and is ready to start this major process. I am beating around the bush on purpose...most sites like this won't let you mention certain things and I want to reach as many as possible (without getting kicked off) so hopefully anyone reading can read between the lines. I have paid for this firm to initiate this already...so please come forward if you are having the same issues...and are being pushed off until your warranty is up, screwed because you are over the GVWR etc... You can contact me at the number below. All I need is your name and contact info, your oasis(service records) and your story to bring you on board and help all of us get compensated for our suffering business and at least get the trucks traded or bought back. I hope to hear from alot of you. Mine broke down #9 yesterday. I lost power completely going up a huge grade in the mountains. There was no place to pull off and I was nearly creamed by a convoy of tractor trailers. When I returned home...after another $1000 tow bill and 5 hours of frustration, I noticed about 2-3 quarts of oil lying on the driveway...it will never stop! Hopefully with enough people, this will be resolved quickly so please contact me or atleast call for details.

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