6.0 turbo issues


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I have a 03 F250 diesel with 20k miles. I was pulling a 4k # tractor the other day and I heard what sounded like the turbo making a really loud noise, started losing power and saw lots of black smoke exiting the exhaust. I shut it down had it towed and fixing to bring it to the shop. For the past 2 yrs I had to bring it in twice for turbo related issues, once a sensor was out (kept hesitating) and then the turbo went out (kept losing power; wouldn't go over 40mph) NOW i'm disgusted. I opened the breather and saw what looked like vanes from the turbo along with a strong smell of oil? Whats the deal?

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6.0 turbo issues

A LOT of '03 and '04 Ford's have turbo problems with a pipe blowing off it. It is the cold side pipe that leaves the turbo, goes through the inner cooler and then into the engine. It blows off right at the turbo. One of our customers got a dented hood from it. If your mechanic does not know about the problem, find another. It is well documented. Not sure if that is what you have for sure, but when it blows, you have no power and black smoke rolls.