600 RV Parks With Free WiFi


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I have an Excel file with 600 parks that have free WiFi. The file contains hyperlinks to each park's website. All have websites. Either they advertise free WiFi or I received an email from them confirming that their WiFi was free to overnight guests. I had to restrict myself to parks with websites so I could get their address. Using their address I was able to obtain their latitude and longitude.

If you import the file into MS Street & Trips, the balloon will show the hyperlink that you can click on and get that parks website.

If you would like a copy email me at jamesh8257@aol.com For those that have downloaded the old file, I suggest you replace it with this one. This file contains those 500 plus 100 more.

These last 100 parks have been difficult to find. I believe the only way to increase this file further is to get the park owners involved. Anyone have a suggestion how to get park owners to submit their parks with free WiFi?