671T / MD3060 Marriage


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Working on a mid engine repower. Current power is a 6V53/MT640. Proposed version is a pancake 671T and MD3060. Question is, the MD3060 is coming off a DT466, is there going to be a torque converter ratio problem going from the 4 stroke to the 2 stroke engine? What ratio would you recommend and why? (don't understand ratios).
Specs are: 16,000lb rig, 2375 no load, 325 hp, 770 ft/lbs, 4:88 gears

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671T / MD3060 Marriage

From my little knowledge of transmissions, if the gearing in the transmissions is the same, the 4 stroke vs the 2 stroke has no bearing. The only difference will be in lieu of 3 power strokes per reveloution you have 6. That is unless these new fangled engines are doing something different thazn they have in the OLD DAYS.