7 or 8 foot TT?

[Gary] I&#039m lookin to buy a new TT to tow behind my full size conversion van. One dealer mentioned that a 7&#039 wide tt would tow much easier than an 8&#039tt. It makes sense but is it worth giving up the extra room? Any experience or thoughts would be welcome,
7 or 8 foot TT?

[Vern M.] We&#039ve had both 7 (actually 6&#039 8") Casita and standard width Mallard and Jayco Eagle after it. Towed all three with the same van. The Casita is a perfect aerodynamic match and right, perhaps, for a beginner. But, if you are more than just you and plan to spend any real serious time in the trailer, you&#039ll save some money by buying standard width first.

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Vern M.
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