77 tioga parts or whole

cant finish project. rv has been gutted. all appliances and glass, ect are in good condition. 360 v8 runs well/can be driven away but could use some brake work.i have everything. i was planning to completely restore it but it needs outer walls also and i just cant do that much work here in my yard. it is located in warren,ohio.will sell for 400.00 or will part out or trade for anything interesing such as oother projects, cars, trucks, motorcycles, or whatever you might think is interesting.call bob at 330-856-7876 or email at rfaller@netzero.com. thanks
Re: 77 tioga parts or whole

if anyone is interested, please contact me soon. i'm gonna wait another week , then i'm gonna junk it while the price is still high.


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Re: 77 tioga parts or whole

Don't junk it without selling off all that you can on ebay. I parted out my wrecked 76 Shast TT and made about $1,500. Folks are always looking for parts and it doesn't cost much to do ebay.
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believe me i know. its worth more in pieces than it ever will be whole.my problem is i started tearing it down and i cant leave it sit here like that. in my neighborhood, you arent allowed to have any vehicle in your yard.frankly i'm shocked that i havent heard from the township yet. i guess it pays to be nice to your neighbors.i've put most of the appliances and such in the house.i just cant keep it there too long(says the wife). i need to at least get rid of the camper soon. i had a friend crush a 90 cavalier last week and he got 300. for it. scrap is through the roof right now.i would get more out of it if i scraped it but that seems like a waste. theres alot of life left in her.its only got 66,000 miles on the 360.so i;m waiting as long as i can. thanks
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update.. i junked the shell today for 635.00. had to get it out of the yard. i still have all the inside stuff..windows,couch,water tank, hot water tankwater pump,sinks,table,furnace,fridge,ect plus alot of miscellaneous stuff. let me know if you need anything.
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thanks for the craigslist suggestion. nearly everythng is gone, except some odds and ends. if you need something , check with me and i'll see if i ave it.