'78 Tioga


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:question: LOVE THIS CAMPER!!! Especially for the price. Bought it In my home state of S.C. and drove it the next day to Houston(FEMA work). Had not been on the road for awhile. Got me out here fairly problem free, but now that I'm trying to get home to my wife and 21 month old son, she wants to act up. Seems to be a flooding problem. Engine( 360 2bbl) has been completely tuned, down to the cap and button. Replaced the carb and vacuum lines. Replaced the fuel pump, filter and lines. Timing is dead on. Runs great at high RPM's but chokes out at low, thus making it VERY hard to put in gear and drive. Once it floods I can disable the fuel pump, crank until the chamber clears, and she fires up. Has anyone had a simmilar experience or have any useful knowledge/web site info? Don't want to scrap her, but I gotta' get home. Thanks in advance for ANY advice.

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Re: '78 Tioga

Welcome to the forum. Have you checked your choke to be sure it's not hanging closed? Also check the gas evaporative system to see that it's operating. Another possible problem is trash under the needle valve. Did it do the same before carb replace? You may have to remove the carb top and flush out trash if thats the problem. Remove the air cleaner and when it dies look down in the carb and see if gas is still spilling into the intake. Have you checked to see if pump pressure is to specs,? Manual or electric pump?