89 Horizon camper van is "chirping"


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I have a 89 ford Intervec Horizon that has an occasional chirping noise coming from the van interior. Sounds like a smoke detector with a low battery.
I can not pin point the exact source of the noise. Anyone out there got any ideas before this drives me nuts!


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Re: 89 Horizon camper van is "chirping"

Under what conditions do you hear it?

There are three types of safety devices commonly found in RVs - Smoke detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector and Propane Detector. Any of these which are battery powered (including from the 'house' battery) would be my first suspect. Also, my refridgerator 'chirps' when it senses a problem. After that, it depends on what is installed in there.


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RE: 89 Horizon camper van is "chirping"

Thanks for the advise. I found it after combing the interior for the 5th time.
A smoke detector from the previos owner had slid into a cavity under the sink area. The problem was that with the cupboard doors closed the chirp would sound like it was originating from other parts of the RV. Could have been a real nerve wracking trip to Talledaga next week end!