94 Salem by Cobra - Mysterious Water Shut Offs


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My 94 Salem travel trailer has a split hose somewhere, I'm working to isolate it now. Under the kitchen cabinet by the sink there are 2 water lines that route under the floor and have shut offs. Unfortunately I still have the leak, the pump keeps running even with those 2 valves closed.

The strange thing is that there isn't anything I can think of on the right side of the trailer that needs water. The fresh tank, kitchen and bathroom sinks, hot water heater, inside and outside shower and toilet are all on the LEFT side of the trailer. The refrigerator is on the other side, the side the mysterious lines go toward, but it doesn't have an icemaker or anything I can think of that needs water. There isn't an outside valve either on the left side, like if you'd want to have water outside the camper, for cooking or washing fish maybe.

I'm hesitant to pull the plastic and insulation from the underside of the trailer to see where those lines go, but darned if it isn't a mystery. And there are TWO lines, hot and cold I assume. That seems to rule out a fridge, that would only need cold. Could they be there in the event of an upgraded fridge or some other feature that I don't have? I could imagine a manufacturing process that puts all the lines in even if they aren't always used, or used yet.

I can post a picture if needed, but I don't think it'll add much.