95 to Florida?

I have made 4 round trips to Florida and have always gone by way of 84 to 81 to 77 etc. I have always heard to stay away from 95.
Is 95 a practical route? Are there good bypasses around major cities?
I could use some advice please.


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95 to Florida?

Dick, welcome to the forum. Where are you coming from on your trip to Florida? Sounds like your up around the Virginia/West Virginia area to start. I come from Indiana, but go down I65 and cut over to I-10 to I-75, etc. If I did not drive big rig and pull car, I'd go I-75 all the way, but want to stay away from big mountains/hills. Many folks I know from West Virgina go the I-77 route and then hit I-95 for rest of the trip, and never heard any major problems (except if there is a wreck).
95 to Florida?

I don't know much about I95 going north past Washington DC area. I do however have driven from Va. to Fl. within the past month or so. I95 is a good drive, except of course there is an accident, in which case depending on the accident can cause a long delay like on any interstate. The rest areas for the most part are patroled by the local police or have security and lots of room and some have over night parking. Of course around some cities in N. Carolina there is some traffic and no by pass and the speed limit is 55 to 70. The interstate is marked well and gives time for planning for stops. I travel I95 a lot for my job and haven't had any problems. The traffic for the most part moves well.