97 Beaver Monterey specs


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Just returned from two night dry camping at Sebring for SCCA races. First trip in new to us RV. Does anyone out there know how big the LP tank is on this model? It has a 6.3 Onan LP Generator and managed to suck a tank dry in less than 24 hours. This does not seem right to me. Any comments appreciated.


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Re: 97 Beaver Monterey specs

The normal size tank is 15 gallon some have 24 gallons. I am assuming that genset runs on liquid LP instead of vapor if it does it can consume under full load aroung a gallon per hour. Even a 24 gallon tank wouldn't last long with it running all the time.


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RE: 97 Beaver Monterey specs

Thanks for responding. I've filled the tank twice. Once from 1/4 on the gauge, it took 20 gallons and the second time when showing almost empty, it took 25 gallons which leads me to believe it is probably around 31 gallons when you figure the tank only takes 80%.

This will allow me approx. 24 hours on the generator. Not too good in south Florida this time of year.