A/C in a Pop-Up,To have or not to have?


We have been searching the market for a new Pop-Up. I am leaning towards the Jayco Quest 12 A. When I inquired about a/c at a dealership, the sales manager told me he thought air in a pop-up was a waste of money. I was taken aback since they usually try to "sell you the family farm and then some" :laugh: He said that he and his family camped for 11 years in a pop-up and he knows this from experience. I was hoping some of you might be able to give me your opinion on whether you think the extra $850 for air is a neccesity. We live in Southeastern Indiana and are prone to humid summers. Years ago we had a 26 ft. TT with air and I must admit we used the air but not very much. We are big on Spring and Fall camping. Hope someone can help!!!

A/C in a Pop-Up,To have or not to have?

Last May I purchased a Coleman Grand Tour Bayside Elite and had an AC installed. I mainly bought the AC for my dogs so they wouldn't suffer on the hotter days when camping. If it was just me I don't think I would have purchased it at that time. However after camping when it was 90 and very humid the AC was nice to have and I said I would never buy a camper without one. If it is within your budget and you hate sleeping in a ton of heat and humidity I would suggest buying it. On the hottest day the camper’s temp was about 75 with the AC going on its max setting.

One thing to consider too is where you camp and the type of electrical service they have. I believe most AC units require 30-amp service to run effectively. They will run on lower amp circuits but will run hotter and if enough people are using them then it is lights out at the campground. A couple places I was at last year lost power several times during the heat waves since they only provided 15/20-amp service. The 30 amp and above campgrounds were fine.

Good luck and happy camping! :)

A/C in a Pop-Up,To have or not to have?

We had one for years and put an A/C room unit on ourselves. It was certainly worth while for comfort. I would go with the factory job if possible however for looks, efficiency and resale value.
A/C in a Pop-Up,To have or not to have?

I would definately recommend the A/C if you can afford it.

Do you absolutely need it? Of course not.. but then again do you absolutely need a pop up or could you just pitch a tent??

We used our A/C constantly in our old pop up.. and it was an absolute requirement for the new one.. it had to have A/C and preferably central furnace as well... fortunately we found an old beater that had both.

I wouldn't be above hacking the frame to stick a window unit into the box if you can't afford the $800 to install a roof mount one.

Yes, its a decadence thing, but after being outside in the hot steamy heat all day, usually doing something active.. its nice to be able to relax in a cool camper.. Plus never have to worry or feel guilty if the quadroped is left inside for a while on a hot day.

In fact we just intentionally bought a much older used camper over newer ones primarily because the older one had AC and Furnace... Funace could have lived without and used electric units.. but no way I would have bought without A/C. A few muggy stale night where you toss lying in your own sweat unable to sleep is all it takes to come to the conclusion.. A/C is a good thing.
A/C in a Pop-Up,To have or not to have?

The whole point of camping is to enjoy it. If you're miserably hot or uncomfortably cold you probably aren't enjoying it. We had a furnace in our pop up but, lets face it, there are drafts! My husband thought I was crazy when I brought the electric mattress pad with us. After a few cold nights he was sure glad we had it on! We didn't have air in the pop up but do have it in the 5th wheel and sure glad we do. Not only keeps you cool but also is good to drowned out the noise of your neighbors not observing the 11pm quiet time!


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A/C in a Pop-Up,To have or not to have?

If I were getting a pop-up, I'd check out the Alpine. No canvas! The roof and walls fold up and are insulated like the lower walls, so the AC is more effective.
A/C in a Pop-Up,To have or not to have?

If you decide to get the AC, make sure and look at the Carrier. It has an "oscalating" fan built in that circulates the cold air inside your pop-up better. It also has an evaporator fan that throws the water back on the coils on the roof so you don't get any where near as much water on the ground. It might be a little cheaper too.

Good luck, Jeff
RE: A/C in a Pop-Up,To have or not to have?

We just bought our third popup and every one of the has had an AC, my wife says that is a necessity on any trailer popup or otherwise. Has the salesman ever tried to sleep in SE Kansas at night when the lowest temperature is 80 deg. and the humidity is close to 90%. An AC is a life saver and I wouldn't be without one.
RE: A/C in a Pop-Up,To have or not to have?

Another point about an AC. The Jayco is a wise choice, we just bought a 1006ST and the roof, frame, floor and lift system all have a lifetime warranty. The roof is rated to hold 350 lbs while traveling and 250 lbs while set up. The AC will weigh around 100 lbs so it will have no trouble supporting an AC.
RE: A/C in a Pop-Up,To have or not to have?

Just traded in my 03 Niagara for a hybrid. We had a/c and a furnace, used them both. You can insulate a popup to make the air and heat more efficient. we used refletex (aluminized bubble wrap) cut to fit under bed ends (and leave it there) cut panels to fit in window openings behind the fabric panels. Also look up solar blankets by popup gizmos to cover the tops of the bunkends. these upgrades make an amazing difference.
RE: A/C in a Pop-Up,To have or not to have?

Oh god yes get the AC. During the middle of the day it's still going to be alittle warmer than a TT with AC but it would be unbearable without it. It's well worth the money and if you ever need to resell it will help alot. You might could get it done after-market and save some cash, dealers are always higher. :cool: