a/c unit and 2000 watt gen set

i need to get a ac unit for this summer.
i found one a sam's club
it is a 115 volt-6.3 amps-625 watts 5000 btu
will my 2000 watt eu2000i honda start it?
i know it runs on 625 watts but it needs more to start the compresser on the ac unit.

Gary B

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a/c unit and 2000 watt gen set

Hi adamant, it may you need to check on the start up amps, but i'm thinking it will do the job, good luck and welcome to the forum. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
a/c unit and 2000 watt gen set

:) Interestingly enough, yesterday I put a peak reading ammeter on a 8,000 btu through the wall from Sears. 37 amps peak draw.

Now I suspect that was a near instantaneous peak, and, that if the power supply was restricted a bit, a slow labourd start might still occur. I also suspect that both fan and compressor started at the same instant. :question:

My next test will be to meter the RV. I want to do a simple off on, and then start the fan only, keep it running and cycle the compressor. That may be the way to go with the Honda. ;)
a/c unit and 2000 watt gen set

You've asked a good question. The manufacturer of the A/C unit should be able to tell you the "locked rotor amperage" rating for the compressor in the unit. The LRA is the maximum current the compressor will draw if it is not turning for any reason. If your generator can put out anywhere near that amount, it will be just fine.
The only way to know for sure is to try it. If the unit starts quickly and decisively (not laboring or sounding "iffy") and the generator doesn't seem to nearly stall, it should be fine.
The reason I say this is that while ratings are helpful, look at the transformer supplying your house and probably a few of your nieghbors. The rating on it is probably not enough to run every circuit in your house. I have seen 5 houses on a 10 or 15 KW transformer with electric heat in at least one house and it somehow works.
The other advice I'll give you is to keep the wire from the generator to the A/C as short as practical, at least 14 gauge (12 is better), with the least number of connections practical. Each connection is a potential voltage loss, as is each foot of wire. I have seen central air units wired to the legal minimum capacity that started fine in the morning, but would trip the circuit breakers later in the day when the voltage dipped a little and the units tried to restart.
a/c unit and 2000 watt gen set

well it worked... thanks..
the only problem is when i need to use the microwave i need to shut down the a/c unit and when i go to start it back up the compressor does not kick on only the fan.. :(
it seems that in time it will start when i fool with the thermostat.

Gary B

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a/c unit and 2000 watt gen set

Hi adamant, good to hear its working for you, many A/C units have a built in time delay on the compressors, so after you shut it down and restart they won't come on for about 3 min. this maybe what your experiencing. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve: