A Class C Motorhome older than my grown son!


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Hello to all,

I recently purchased a 1979 Rockwood Class C motorhome in amazingly good condition from the 90 year old man who apparently used it with his late wife. Now too old (in his opinion) to drive it, he sold it to me.
Always stored inside, it had more dust than anything, which a good hand wash removed.

The chassis is a GM-Chevrolet G30 box van chassis with one ton wheels and duallies in the rear.
The original rims and tires were 16.5 inches and I chose to get six new ones of identical appearance but in 16 inch size.
The engine is a Chevy 350CID (5.7liter) with Rochester four-barrel and THM 350 transmission.

Some starter wiring got chewed by an over friendly rodent, and I am fixing that this weekend.

I am a former diesel mechanic so I have all the tools and then some. A thorough inspection has given me a list of small things to replace as a part of baselining, but the list is not long: filters, fluids, brake hoses and radiator hoses. Three small surface rust spots on the front of the hood.

I have the GM service and parts manuals for 1978-9 vans and trucks, but NO information on the Rockwood features of the vehicle.

Getting info from Rockwood has been tough. The local RV places just want to buy it or sell me a new one. I can even get an antique plate for this thing! t's staying!

The inside is clean, but some things will be replaced: the carpet and the cloth-covered cushions on the bench+table that turns into a bed. The back portion is equipped with shower+toilet, stove, refrigerator.

I need a rockwood book, can someone suggest a source?