A dealer who lies....

:angry: I had *hoped* RV sales people where not comparable to the car salesman I have met.
I went to look at an RV with my husband. We REALLY liked it, love at first site!!! The dealer proceeds to tell us everything is in excellent working order, they check everything, etc. I told him I would like to bring my mechanic (also my brother :laugh: ) to see the unit before we made any final decisions.
The next day, my brother checks out the rv. Turns out, (please keep in mind I am mechnically retarded past the point of starting a car) the rv had oil in the radiator, needed all new brake lines, and was leaking tranmission fluid. There were other things too but I don't remember the specifics. My brother thinks it may have either recently blown a head gasket or was about to.
As we were leaving, the salesman asked us what we thought. I told him we thought the rv was going to have serious mechanical issues soon if not now. The salesman seemed annoyed that I was armed with this knowledge. Back to the drawing board.
In your experience, is it better to buy from a private owner rather than a dealership? Sorry this was so long. I am getting discouraged. :(
A dealer who lies....

;) Don't feel bad.... I thought frame makers would calculate stresses and allow a safety factor. Turns out if it breaks they make 'em stronger.

RV's are like cars I'm afraid.... :evil: Buyer Beware :evil:
A dealer who lies....

There are dishonest people everywhere unfortunately. You were right on track to get it checked out and I would continue doing it whether buying from a dealer or privately.
I see that you are in NJ and looking for a Class B. I am leaving fulltiming (dont want to but cirmcumstances require it) and in process of selling a Class A and will be downsizing to a Class B. Have you done any research on the net as there are tons of units advertised for sale. I have decided on a Pleasureway over the Roadtrek however they are both good units. Soon as I sell, I will be net shopping for a Class B. :)
A dealer who lies....

I really dislike having to say anything nice about a dealer, and you did state they check everything out, but the salesman may not really have known anything was wrong with the unit. Perhaps his company line is that they will check out everything before you complete the sale; I don't know.

The answer to your question, however, about whether private seller or dealer is better, is that neither is better, IMO. I think the chances are fairly equal that a private seller is off-loading a problem unit to you as a private buyer, or in a trade to a dealer. The dealer may not know anything more about the unit that you would.

The bottom-line is that you came prepared with a knowledgeable mechanic that warned you away from a potention problem unit. Good for you.
A dealer who lies....

Thanks everyone for your help! I'm so glad I had my brother look at it before we comitted to anything.
Ralphie, the salesperson was also THE OWNER. He specifically told us he checked everything and everything was in good working order. :evil:
I look on the net and in the paper daily but I can't find one (probably because everyone is camping. :cool: ) I hope with the winter months quickly approaching there will be more units for sale. :question:
A dealer who lies....

Tammi, 2nd item on this forum will take you to a listing of RV's for sale. Also usedmotorhome.com,rvtraderonline.com, rvnetlinx.com for a few. Do a search for RV sales as well. :laugh:


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A dealer who lies....

Tammi, I just bought a new class b today. It is fantastic. But the best part was actually buying it. Check out sportsmobile.com web site. They sell direct to the buyer, no lying dealers. They mail you a big package of stuff that will take days to read. All their rv floor plans are basically custom made. They put whatever you want in and just about wherever you want it. Try that with the other manufacturers. There are three plants in the USA. I'm not their salesman, just a very satisfied customer. Hope this helps. Icky
A dealer who lies....


Why are you so upset at such a simple item? did you do the following to aquire your RV that you wanted so bad.

1) Have the RV inspected? yes you did by your brother.
2) Have the RV priced for replacment parts at a resonable repair and price. (NO, why not?)
3) Ask the dealer if they would sell the RV at a lower price to accomidate a sale? (NO, why not?)

I understand your looking for a used RV? the chances of you finding that used RV that has not moved an inch since new and is thousands below market value and is comfeirmed to be in new condition are very rare. Anything you find will be in need of some repair at some cost.
A dealer who lies....

I purchased an '83 Winnebago 33' chieftain from Camper's Inn; I was told that they would repair all the things I found that it needed, I was simply to make out a "list" of that which needed work, and it would be done.. Wrong! it need new cooling lines from Transmission to radiator,-they got some plastic tubing from the Hardware store, pushed it over the cut ends, and used ty-wraps to hold it. Lasted about 10 miles- Cost me $280--It needed the roof "pod" fastened better, they drilled holes thru the roof, and put nothing back into the holes, next rain, all the lights inside filled with water, ruining the insulation, and ceiling... went back 4 times over trans problems-they never fixed anything..Plus, every time I picked it up it had some new dents..I ended up fixing eberything that needed fixing..Bottom line--trust nobody when buying a used RV--That thing has been USED! Hope you can find an honest RV repairman, I believe there is none in FL--at $85 an hour, spark plugs and wires can run $400+ Cost me $285 to have them LOOK at my awning..Incompetent Mechs have ruined many things on mine, stripped threads, broken studs, etc. --Good luck!!
A dealer who lies....

I just recently learned after a bad experience with our new purchase from McGeorge's Rolling Hills RV in Ashland,VA...before purchasing anything...check out www.bbb.org and the State's Attorney's Office where the dealer is located. Always, always, always get everything in writing!!! Hope it helps. Always be willing to walk away.
A dealer who lies....

Hi. Just a little enlitenment for anyone who trusts the Better Business Bureau. Go to www.ripoffreport.com. You might be a little surprised at what you find out about the BBB. (and a lot of other business's as well) :disapprove:
A dealer who lies....

I agree with don't trust anyone. Especially when it comes to RVs. New or used, you can get stuck if you don't do your homework. And, you should have used or new RV checked out. If you are doing the checking, use this PDI
this is a good beginning checklist for all RVs.
Also check this link out...
And the last one............
I hope this helps.