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I need to replace the fabric on my A&E owning. Can anyone tell me how to remove the roller end-cap so that I can insert the new fabric?

Gary B

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A&E Awning

Hi paarmann, I think on the A&E's you can slip the canopy cords in without removing the end caps, but you'll have to remove the support arm on one end at the least. To do that there is a hole drilled in the end cap & the axle shaft, you align the 2 holes insert a cotter key of the size that'll just fit and that will lock the springs ( most do on both ends) from unwinding. If you must remove the end caps be very carefull those springs are wound very tight, the best way to release the spring tension is to clamp a large vicegrips to the cap/bracket that bolts to the arm, grip it tight and have another person remove the 1/4" bolt sercuring the bracket to the arm pull the bracket off the arm and slowly rotate the vicegripes to remove spring tension counting the trurn so you know how many to rewind when reinstalling. Becareful with those springs!!! :eek:
Good luck its a bit of a job have a couple three people to help and 4 is better. :) :cool: :bleh: :approve:


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Hi Art,
I have a PDF document by A&E that gives the step by step instructions for replacing an awning or fabric. Send me an e-mail and I will reply with the document attached. It will be scanned by Norton before sending so you will not have to worry about opening it.
Just click on my name in the upper left of this post and you will be able to get my e-mail address.