A & E Sunchaser Awning Parts needed


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Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to find a good source to buy a replacement support arm for one of these. My friends got lifted by the wind and pulled the top rear bracket from the camper messing up the support arm. It looks to me that I can slide the arm from that bracket and then disconnect it from the extension arm and replace.

I looked under Marks RV but his links are not live anymore so I'm assuming parts are not available. I've checked the dometicusa/awning site and they say see your local dealer.

Any other ideas? I'll have to get the actual model number so ensure to get the correct part.

Steve (sp)


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Re: A & E Sunchaser Awning Parts needed

I just had both arms replaced on my AE awning. Vogt RV in Forth Worth Texas did the repairs for me. They said the distributor was in the local area. The Vogt folks are great, I am sure they would give you the info on where to get the parts. 817-831-4222


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Re: A & E Sunchaser Awning Parts needed

Thanks Guys!

GTS, we are in CT.

Barney, There must have been something wrong with Marks link when I checked the other day because it worked today with you link.

Now that I saw the parts page, it looks like he'll need the whole main rafter (54 or 66") which includes the top bracket (830333K). I just emailed him to get the correct model number.

Re: A & E Sunchaser Awning Parts needed

I am looking for the slidding assembly for an A&E Sunchaser. I currently live in Bellevue, can you tell me where you are located in Marysville so I can come see your shop?