"A" NASCAR RV "ers" forum

"A" NASCAR RV "ers" forum

Yep, we are fans, going to Talladega in less than a month-can't hardly wait. Have site reserved in Coleman 1. Anyone else going? Go Mark #6-2nd in points, only 9 behind Sterling. DB

C Nash

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"A" NASCAR RV "ers" forum

Did you make the trip to dega Sunday? Hope you had a great trip and didn't let us Rednecks bother you to much :)

Cliff, very interesting web site :approve: .

Guess you'll know what us straight line racers think! You'll keep going around in circles hunting the finish line and we just go STRAIGHT TO IT!!! :clown:
"A" NASCAR RV "ers" forum

I am looking for campsites close to the track(s) other than the track owned camper parking for Pocono and Dover. Any infomation on these two tracks would be helpful. Also, is anyone familiar with camping at Richmond and or Watkins Glen?

Thanks in advance

"A" NASCAR RV "ers" forum

I need NASCAR infield info. Husband is planning on going to Richmond in september. I heard you can "camp" infield. Not knowing anything about NASCAR myself I'm trying to surprise him and get him infield.

Any suggestions, comments, helpfull info greatly appreciated! :laugh: