A perfect RV'er business and income

All you need is a laptop and a phone occasionally. This company finds all the customers, and you can buy them and service them though mail,
We can travel and take our business with us, currently we are earning after three years about $300 a day average. We had 1200 customers of which 120 we serviced May 2001, today we have over 13,000 customers and 400 Health Coaches, every RV'er that wants some more income to cover their travelling expense will want this. Truly Part time. No selling, prospecting, or recruiting family and friends, the company does it all, through infomercials 24/7 on Radio and TV with Dr. Libby speaking about one product.
This is a company that focuses on the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual part of life. Through serving people we are reciprocated.
Listen to one of our infomercials:
What is a Health Coach?
If you can listen to the TriVita Story -

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Mary & Walter Fields
Toll Free 1 866 273 8869
Email: mary.fields@shaw.ca
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C Nash

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A perfect RV'er business and income

Here we go again, another get rich quick deal :bleh: . Guess I should take advantage of it so I could pay our M/H off in a couple of days :clown: . With all this money you are making, surely you can afford to help sponser this forum or maybe you already have. Sorry, I haven't looked. There is a place on the home page for business adds.
PS- Thanks for offering me the chance to make millions but, dont think I would be happy with all that money.
A perfect RV'er business and income

To C Nash,
On the contrary, this isn't get rich quick, and not a deal as you put it either. That isn't something we are interested in. It took us three years, that is hardly quick, but now that we have
got there the income is certainly welcome and our sole income and we are so thrilled, we don't have to work for someone else now and have the freedom to do what we want. Our work and service to our customers and other Health Coaches is paying off, we worked for it, it didn't come free or easy, but it did take part time focus in the beginning. Definately I will take a look at the ads, and support it. Thanks for the info. Didn't realize that option on this site. I don't expect that we will pay off our motorhome when we decide to buy one in a couple of days, that isn't in the plans.



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A perfect RV'er business and income


Most of us on these forums would appreciate you not using these boards for advertizing. We prefer to keep our opinions to practical experience, not profit driven. We are not affiliated with the products recommended in our posts.

Thanks in advance.
A perfect RV'er business and income

I understand that, my purpose is to help people who might like or need more income, to free them up for more travelling. I don't need to do this, as I don't look for customers, our company does. So those who would like this can look at it and those who don't, just ignore it. Appreciate your comments.
Cheers, Mary

C Nash

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A perfect RV'er business and income

Health coach,
:) Really, it's great to hear of other RVers success and we like to see what others have as Wittmeba listed his under signature and does not seem to be using the board for personal gain. Leave the advertizing web sites off and we or I would really like to hear of your success. I am sure you have a lot of knowledge to pass along to us :approve: .