A Place To Park?


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Hi. I am new to this site. I am a full-timer and am looking for a place to park my rig in the Nashville area. I keep reading about RV Communities, but can't seem to find any in this area. I prefer to purchase a small piece of property in an RV development. I find nothing in the news papers or on-line. I'm currently in a campground that is very nice, but I have to pay rent when I am on the road to hold my spot.

I am open to any suggestions or known locations.

Thanks in advance.


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A Place To Park?

I am not from Nashville, but since no-one has responded I will offer a few suggestions. First, check with a real estate agent or two to see if any of them know of something. There might be a location where you could purchase a small acreage and then put in your own pad and hook-ups. Another possibility might be an RV park where you could get an annual lease, and they might even be willing to work an arangememt where they would rent your site if needed and deduct from your rent? One other possible idea would be to contact some local RV clubs to see if their members might know of anything.

I have never been to Nashville, but that is about to change as we plan to spend a few days there about ten days from now.