About time for a roll call

C Nash

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Been a long time since we had one. Sign in just so we know you are still around? New members also. Spring about on us so time to pull the rv out. ours never went into hibernation.
Brad & Pat Smith - here in Port Aransas, TX through March and then heading back to Indiana for 2 months. We have a trip to Seattle planned for this summer.

Steve H

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Still around when I can get logged in! Always seems to take me more than five tries to remember my password then I get locked out! :(


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hey Steve, that why they still make pencils write it down. I have all my PW written down right next to the lap top. My old brain is good as it once was so I have to write things down.


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Looks like I lost a neutral which fried my microwave and damaged the W/D. Taking it in Tuesday. Looks like insurance will cover. Don't know why my surge protector didn't help.


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new member.... I was just gifted a Winnebago chieftain (1989) seems to run good but I will have some questions for you guys. the manual is not much help... its just a bunch of brochures really....

C Nash

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Welcome to the forum qinrik. answered your questions with my opinion on your othrt post. Lot of good folks here so just ask away.