about to buy a Thor 18' Freedom spirit

I'm about to buy a Thor 18' travel trailer. Like the layout and size. Can't seem to find any info from satisfied people on Thor products in this range. Anybody know anything good...bad... gonna pull it with a Dodge hemi, so no problems there. I have seen older posts (2 yrs old) about problems with Thor TT's and not much response from the manufacturer. Not looking to be negative, just wanna be careful about what I buy. Tks for any info... :)
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Just because you have a "Dodge hemi" doesn't mean your truck can pull a trailer safely. (Oops! Sorry DL.)

An 18' TT doesn't sound like much to pull, though. I'd guess the "hemi" can handle it. (Oops! Sorry DL.)

:evil: ;)
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(It wasn't me, DL) What shape is the Thor in? Pull the wheels off and check the brakes. If it has been sitting for a long time they might be bad or in need of lubrication. Have to use a brake controller anyway. Pulling is only half the battle. Stopping is the other. Use a weight distributing hitch and sway bar. Save some grief if you get in a windy condition or passed by a semi. Plus check the rubber.

Hook up the trailer at home to water and electricity to make sure everything works. No fun to get to the campground to find you don't have a water heater or the toilet leaks. I would also rinse and dump all of the tanks. Fill them with water and take the trailer to a dumping station. And I would check the propane tanks. The new tanks have to have an overfill preventive valve in them and if yours doesn't no one is going to refil them. Might find them cheaper at home than out on the road. You can empty the old ones first though.

Just a few thoughts. Make up a checklist of things you have to do before leaving, when setting up camp, and when getting ready to come home. You might save the television attenna for a while.

Good Luck.
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hey TC, that "hemi" can smoke 'em. wouldn't even know that 18' was back there. but appreciate the remarks. I'm more concerned about what i've heard about Thor and backing their stuff.
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:) Ron, that is all good advice and I appreciate it. This is a brand new unit, but my concern is with Thor manufacturing. I saw a couple of posts, and got a couple of replies on another RV forum concerning their service/warranty experiences, and they were not good replies for someone looking to buy this unit. Makes me a little nervous. Don't need to make a $15K mistake, yu know. :bleh: So I think I'm gonna start looking again. Wanna hold it to about 18' because there is only 2 of us, and my space to park it is a little tight. Tks for your reply Ron...seee you around..bob
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Don't know where you are pictureman, but we sell a 21' trailer for $10-12K, depending on options, and 24'-25' trailers for less than your $18K.
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I meant 18 footer not 18K. This Thor has queen bed in back and sofa bed in front, which is great because I SNORE! I'm in Ga. I hate to back out because the sales guy is really great, but I keep reading and hearing from folks who haven't had a good experience with the manufacturer, and I just don't need those problems. Tks for ur feedback Grandview..