? About vehicle needed for towing


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I am a newbie to this and I thought this is the best place I could come for information.

We are planning on purchasing a 5 wheeler soon and are looking at several models that are between 13K and 14K in dry weight (40 ft).

Could you advise me on what I will need to purchase to tow this? we do not plan on taking it on long trips. Mainly park it for 3 months and then go to another park not far away and park it again. So no long trips on the road.

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Re: ? About vehicle needed for towing

Sounds like a lot of trailer to have without taking long trips. You are going to need a pretty big truck to tow a 40ft fifth wheel. Being a GM retiree I would suggest the big GMC dually with the Duramax diesel engine. But I am sure the Ford or Dodge duallies would tow it too. Or if you don't want to go to that expense you might check into having someone move it for you every three months. That way you can just jump in your car and follow them to the next location.

Just a thought.

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Re: ? About vehicle needed for towing

I can tell you that I have a 40' toy hauler on my lot right now that weighs 18,000 empty. It was parked about 20 miles away and the customer had sold his truck. He asked us to come get it to sell for him. At the time I had a 2003 Chev. 2500HD Duramax/Allison. It towed it to our lot, but we knew it was back there. The new trucks I just got have more power, so moving it would be easier, but more suspension is needed for serious towing. The 3500 would be the minimum I would want for it. In the 14K range, you would be fine with a 3500 dually. The new Duramax has 360hp and 650lb. torque. The new 6 speed Allison is a great combination for it. Go take a test drive.