AC and lights out


I recently joined this chat. My problem is such that , after a thunder storm a couple days ago my AC and lights went out
and have not came back. I checked all the fises and breakers I know of. I still have electric coming in and all the plugs and
pluged in stuff works, micro all that stuff. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.



P.S. Mt trailer is a 1996 Prowler 33 ft TT :( :(

C Nash

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Re: AC and lights out

Pepper the lights should be 12 volt and the ac is 110 so don't know what the connection would between these two. Did they go out during the storm? Will other 12 volt systems work such as the water pump? Sounds like it's time to get the old VOM out and start tracing. Let us know when you find the problem. Maybe someone else will have an answer.
Re: AC and lights out

Just had a thought, if your furnace and ACare controled in one thermostat,check the furnace 12 volt fuse. I found that is a trailer the other day, that fuse give the thermostat power.


Re: AC and lights out

Yep as all have said ck for a 12 volt fuse somewhere ,, they hide them everywhere in these rv's ,, i posted a reply to u in another post and asked a few ???? ,, but i'll ask again ,,, are the lights the only thing that doesn't work ??
Were u pluged into shore power when the storm hit and was it close to u ????
I would ck around the conveter and make double sure u don't have a fuse blown ,, i would do as Nash said and get out the Volt meter and ck them for a sure 12 volts ,, somtimes they look good but they aren't ,, post us back on the findings ,,, and welcome to the forum ,,, bty what type of rv is it ,, i think i missed that ,, or didn't read it :) ;)


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Re: AC and lights out

Ken is correct that if your furnace and air conditioner share a thermostat, you must have 12V power to have the air conditioner work. That power usually comes from the furnace but the furnace does not explain the lack of lights. The common thing between them is 12V-DC power, so you need to find the place where that is common as it isn't likely to be two separate problems. I would check first to see if other 12V appliances are working. Does the refrigerator work? It requires 12V power for the controls even if on 120V power so if it is working then you have at least some 12V power. Another thing you can easily check is the water pump. If you turn off city water, turn on the pump(with water in the fresh water tank) you can open a faucet and if the pump runs that means yet one more place that does have 12V power. Your furnace is also a user of 12V. If any, or all of these work that means that you do have power but if not, the problem may be a lack of 12V power available. If everything works except the lights and the furnace, then it probably is two separate problems, or at least I don't think of a likely place for them to share a power source, unless the problem is inside of your 12V distribution panel.

If you have a volt meter, this would be a good time to practice using it and to trace where you have power and where you loose it.
Re: AC and lights out

Do you still have the Power Source converter?? It may have gone bad. Check for power out put at the converter(should be behind on of the plastic vents in the cabinets). If it is bad replace with a Progressive Dynamics PD9245