AC electrical issue, No power forward of the bathroom, called Fleetwood Customer service, replaced GCFI, this didn't fix the problem. any advice

Brian D

New Member
No AC 120v power forward of the bathroom, Fleetwood customer service suggested its a GCFI issue. replaced one GCFI. still have issue. When I select battery charge dc amps goes to 102, AC amps at 12... any advice. I have had nothing but bad experiences when I bring it to a service center. takes 4 to 6 weeks before they work on it, comes back with other things broken...

C Nash

Senior Member
I had the ground prone broke off in a plug and it had worked down and would make contact at times. Drove me crazy till I finally found it. Inspect all plugs on that circuit and clean them out. Make sure all wires are connected proper. Is the GFI kicking out?