AC question

My first trip out with my '03 Keystone Hornet was this past weekend. I had the AC on and the trailer was cooling down nicely. Once the trailer was cold enough, I set the thermostat up and the AC shut off. I expected it to.
It never went back on. I checked the circuit breaker and it had indeed tripped. I got on top the trailer and removed the cover to my coleman AC unit. Had my son turn on the AC and noticed the fan was humming and just barely starting to turn. I spun the fan, and it started right up. The motor is not seized, it spins freely. It seems to me the fan motor starter capacitor has gone out.
Does this make sense?

AC question

Hello Chris,
Yes, your start capacator is bad. IF you are the orginal owner, Coleman might give you one. Don't bother calling Keystone. After one year they won't talk to you. We had a capacator go out on a Larado's AC at 13 months. We had to deal with Coleman direct.
AC question

Thanks GTS!
I got the specifics of my capacitor and called Grainger. They had one in stock for me. $5.14 later, my AC is working properly again.