ADCO Cover Damages Roof!

Hello everyone,
I am new to this forum :) .

Anyway, last October I got an ADCO cover from Camping World to help protect my cover during the winter. BIG MISTAKE :angry: :angry: !

The cover wore 5 holes in the roof, three of them to the metal in just a few months. I did exactly as the directions said to do. We had no major winds, just normal winter winds. This just made me sick. We have a Ceder Creek fifth wheel (36ft floor plan). Never had any roof problems before.

ADCO will do no more than pay for the patching job and replace the cover. The life of the roof is now comprised. Not to mention this is just a 2 year old camper.

Has anyone else experienced this problem before?

Any suggestions on what to do?

Thanks for any input!
ADCO Cover Damages Roof!

This is the first complaint that I have heard. We carry a different brand of cover but we also special order those for our customers. As far as your roof, if the patch job is done right your roof integrity should be fine. Make sure that any patches put on your roof are round or oval. Patches without pointed corners seem to stay down better. Make sure that they use rubber roof material to make the patches (not that patch kit stuff) and glue them down with contact cement. Then make sure they seal them properly and your roof will be fine. I've done this for many of my customers and haven't had to do any over.
ADCO Cover Damages Roof!

I used the Eternabond Patch. I am going to go back around the edges with a roof caulking to keep the edges from being pulled up. I did round the corners as you said.

Thanks for the comments! :)

B.T.W. ADCO, I am finding out this isn't the first time for this to happen. I wouldn't recommend their covers at all! I believe it is a poor design for big campers. :blackeye: