Add-A-Room for Added Space

I have heard some really great responses about Full Time RVers. More and more, my wife and I are getting a taste for the open road.

We are both comfortable in our Gulfstream, but we were condsidering purchasing a Carefree Add-A-Room or something comparable. Does anyone have any experience with the added space? Are they combersome? Is there one brand better then another? Please all comments are certainly welcomed.

Kind Regards To All
Add-A-Room for Added Space

I have the Carefree Add-A-Room and like it alot. It is well made and takes about 10 minutes to put up with two people. It is stored in two bags that come with it. It took about two hours for the initial install of the turn-buttons, but the instructions were very good and easy to follow.

Add-A-Room for Added Space

I will echo zigzag's comments. I have a Carefree Add-A-Room on my 23 foot Wilderness and love it. We get nearly double the living space for an additional 15 or so pounds on the road. With a little practice, the setup is fairly easy. Two people are required for the front panel, but the sides can be done by one. We don't use it for quick stop-overs, but if we're staying put for a couple of days, it is well worth the time to set it up.
The only drawback is if it rains, you have wet panels to pack up, but setting the room back up when you get home will let things dry out.
Since ours came with the trailer, I can't say how the initial installation was, but would reccomend you plan plenty of time and read the instructions thoroughly before starting.