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I want to purchase an add a room for the outside of our motorhome. I saw some nice ones in a campground that was different than what I have seen commercially. It had an extension that was angled out which gave more room. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase or have one like this made? When I asked the individual about theirs I was given a business card but it for a canvas shop where fabric could be purchased but they did'nt make the room.
Thanks for any help I can get,
add a room

:laugh: Hi. If you could used a add a room from a PopUp I would be glad to give you mine. I have and don't plan to ever use it. Good Luck. :) :laugh:
add a room

Camping World sells very nice add a rooms. But be careful. If your motorhome is like mine the furnace and hot water heater vent under the awning on the right side of the motorhome. This means if you have an add a room and close it up so someone, maybe a child?, can sleep out there while visiting, and the hot water heater comes on the room will be filled with carbon monoxide. Very deadly situation.

For that reason I gave up the add a room idea. Better to haul a small tent or a screened canopy to sit and visit in.

Just a thought, Good Luck!

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add a room

I am not quite sure what you mean by an add-a-room that is angled out. That being said, I think that I can still give you some feedback about customizing an add-a-room that might help you. I live in Alberta but I think the same would apply in the US. I had my add-a-room custom made by an upholsterer. My upholsterer does work on home furniture, vinyl tops for convertibles, boats, etc. and all kinds of things for RVs (internal and external). I brought in a page from the Camper's World catalogue showing their off-the-shelf add-a-room to my upholsterer as the template but I requested it be customized to include an attached floor and also a skirt that was attached from the bottom of the motorhome to the vinyl floor where it was attached. My goal was to have a totally contained room so that my cats could go out into the room and I would not lose them. I have been extremely pleased with the results and had many, many people, when I was in the US this winter, ask about it once they saw it. I think that it is great and it has perfectly fit the purpose. It took awhile to get the hang of putting it up but it is well worth it. I find that I also stay out later in the evening because I have the screen room. My cats absolutely love it and were very disappointed when conditions were such that I didn't put it up. I did not have the privacy panels made for mine due to both weight and cost. I think that when privacy panels are used to form a complete room rather than simply a screen room, the perils about carbon dioxide become more of a real issue. Both my furnace and my hot water vents were on the screen room side but the air ventilation was sufficient to prevent carbon dioxide issues.

I hope that this information is helpful to you.