Adding a platform to the back of my 5th

I would like to add a platform to haul a couple of Dirt Bikes to the back of my 5th. Just wondered if anyone has any advice who has done this, or what i should watch for such as weight distribution, or other things one might not think of right away. Thanks in advance.
Adding a platform to the back of my 5th

When I bought my '95 Sportsman 5th wheel trailer I wanted to have a shelf also. If I remember correctly the frame of the trailer was made out of 10" 'C' channel steel. I had two 24" pieces cut along with a piece that was the width of the frame. I cut off the 4" square bumper and then welded the two 24" pieces on. I then added the piece of 'C' steel across the two short sections. I then reattached the bumper. Next I cut a piece of diamond plate screen to fit between the two 24" sections that I welded on. Once this was welded on I painted everything black to match and added a spare tire carrier to the bumper. The system worked great to carry our bicycles and fire wood. I'm sure you can make the same thing even a little longer to haul a dirt bike but you may have to reinforce things a bit.

Good luck with your project.
Adding a platform to the back of my 5th

You need to consider the effect that arrangement will have on your axles, hitch, etc. You multiply the weight due to the cantilever effect i.e. 10# over the axle translates to 100# ten feet back. :(
Adding a platform to the back of my 5th

Janlarmil is very correct. In my case I only carried two bicycles and about a dozen pieces of wood so weight really never effected my coach or decision.

Do your research before you weld anything to the rear of your fifth wheel, especially if you want to haul a motorcycle.