Adding some storage and wire shelving

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I'm removing the dinette and sofa from one wall and I want to use that 18" depth of long wall space for some organizer storage for lightweight stuff.

Look around online at Amazon and The Home Depot etc, I'm still not quite finding the thing I'm looking for.

Has anyone here added some modular rack storage or organizer for shoes, Tupperware, t-shirts, underwear, thing-a-ma-bobs and brik-n-brak?

I'm not stocking to the ceiling with heavy stuff mind you, just a myriad of things I'm not going to have the cabinetry and drawer space space for.


Boondock Saint

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In the end I decided to go with some locking garage storage cabinets and then decided on the Harbor Freight sets based on my quality checks and measurements. I had a wicked time trying to get the tall ones shoved in and had to use my large HighLift jack to raise the ceiling in the slide slightly to finally get them shoved back. Now they're bolted together and in there tight! No wiggling.



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I do not mind wire rack in my pantry (what eat in kitchen?) but I do not like it for games. Maybe it's just a passing association with wood = grown up furniture (still faking it in my 30s). Or maybe metal reads too modern or sterile to me Kodi nox.
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