Adjustable outside countertop


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Bet it hooks to the trailer. I cant believe one would want to just lean the table against the wall of the tt.


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hey that is cool ,, but i need more info ,, as others have said ,, does it fasten to the rv ,, i have a little table that we cook on ,, but it's a portable and not fastened to the MH ,, but it works ,,, for the wife to cook breakfast and stuff ;) :cool: :bleh:
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Hey guys this is a plastic table bought at Lowes or the such. Removed the legs but left the supports. Brackets can be purchased a an Rv dealer that mount to the camper and the edge of the table. @ blocks of wood with a hole in them are screwed and glued to the bottom of the table in stratigic spots. The legs are 2-4' adjustable painting poles. They will adjust to any terrain. One hint Mount it higher than a regular table so nobody gets the idea to hike their butt up on it. As the pic shows it will hold 80+ pounds. It was designed as a counter top not a table. Holds lots of stuff under the awning and put your coolers of beverages underneath. Hope you like it and Happy camping!!!
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Now that you explaind it ... it makes better sense. Including the one about puting the cooler under it so no one sits on it.
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