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Does anyone have advice they can share dealing with the purchase of a used travel trailer in Texas? After 8 months and looking at about 50 travel trailers I bought a 2004 Fleetwood Wilderness 27' from a dealer on thursday last week. Saturday we took it out for the first time and during set-up the bottom support for the awning fell out. Upon closer inspection after removing the vapor barrier on the bottom of the trailer, large pieces of rotten wood fell out. The entire lower skirt support brace is rotten. While looking at the unit I inspected the roof, ceiling, walls, floor, and bottom of the trailer and found no evidence of any leaks also their was no odor from mold. I can't tell if the leak is from the tub just above it are from the roof. I'm not sure if legally I can get any help from the dealer either. It's Sunday night so I have not called them yet.

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Advice Bad Used T.T.

Hello there. First of all, give your dealer a chance. You trusted him enough to buy from him, so at least talk to him. Hopefully he will help.

"Thursday last week". If you mean the 29th., you might be in luck. In a lot of states you have a 72 hr. return period, and weekends don't count, if you find something like this. I do not know about Texas.

Good luck.